Some Frequently Asked Questions

The information under HPC Basics combined with the cluster specific information should help you get started on using one of the Faculty of Science clusters. This FAQ answers a number of different specific questions about how the clusters work.

This FAQ is split into sections for storage, software, job submission, job status and a FAQ specific to the Katana computational cluster.

What is the best way of getting help or contacting the HPC team?

The best way to get help or ask a question of the Faculty of Science HPC team is to email the UNSW IT Servicedesk ( It is never a good idea to contact a member of the Faculty of Science HPC directly as that person may be on leave or not the best person to deal with your request.

Where is the best place to store my code?

Source code can be stored on one of the version control servers run by the Faculty of Science Computing Unit. This means that you will be able to keep every version of your code and revert to an earlier version if you require.

I just got some money from a grant. What can I spend it on?

There are a number of different options for using research funding to improve your ability to run computationally intensive programs. The best starting point is to speak to the High Performance Computing support team to figure out the different options.

Can I access the clusters from outside UNSW?

If you have an account then you can connect to the clusters from anywhere. If you are using Windows then download a SSH client such as PuTTY and then connect directly to the cluster. More details are on the cluster connection page.