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The Faculty of Science hosts and supports multiple computation clusters which are targetted at groups with different requirements. Whilst the exact configuration varies fom cluster to cluster there are a number of principles that apply to all of the High Performance Computing (HPC) resources within the faculty and also translate to other HPC resources.

This section of the web site provides information that is common to all of the systems as well as information that should stand you in good stead when you are using other HPC systems.

If you already have some experience with running numerically intensive computing jobs via submission to a queue then you should look at the menu on the left. Otherwise the step by step instructions below should be enough to get you started. If at any stage you have a problem email the UNSW IT Service Centre (ITServiceCentre@unsw.edu.au) from your UNSW email address detailing your issue.

For information about specific clusters, software and a useful FAQ follow the links in the menu at the top of the page.