Mathematica is a symbolic computing program that is developed and sold by Wolfram Research.

This installation of Mathematica includes both the command line version called by typing 'math' and the GUI version called by typing 'mathematica'. As the GUI version will only work for interactive jobs the command line version should be use wherever possible as the command line version will work with both interactive and batch jobs.

More information about how to use Mathematica is available online at, via the help menu in a graphical version of Mathematica and by typing 'man math' or 'man mathematica' after this module is loaded.

Prototype your code

The best way to start running Mathematica on Katana is to first develop your Mathematica code on your local (i.e. desktop or laptop) computer. Once you are happy with what you have written you shoul save your code by...

Confirm that your code works on the cluster

Once you have your prototyped your code and confirms that it works and does what it should on your local computer you may want to confirm that the code runs on Katana.

qsub -I

module avail

module help mathematica

module load mathematica


Submit your job as a batch job


Mathematica Versions Available via Module

Software Name Version
Mathematica 10.0.1 Mathematica 10.0.1
Mathematica 11.2 Mathematica 11.2
Mathematica 9.0 Mathematica 9.0