Expanding Katana

The initial infrastructure for Katana was purchased with funds from a UNSW initiative for kickstarting IT projects. Katana first became operational in January 2011 and it has been expanding and evolving ever since. Schools and research groups who have purchased compute nodes include: Mathematics and Statistics, Climate Change Research Centre, Business School, Astrobiology, TARS, CEPAR, BABS, BEES, Ecosystem Science, Connected Waters and CQC2T. It is now the largest cluster hosted by the Faculty of Science.

Katana has significant potential for further expansion. It offers a simple and cost-effective way for research groups to invest in a powerful computing facility and take advantage of the economies that come with joining a system with existing infrastructure. A sophisticated job scheduler ensures that users always receive a fair share of the compute resources that is at least commensurate with their research group’s investment in the cluster.

For further information about opportunities to expand and use the cluster please contact martin.thompson@unsw.edu.au.