After Your Job Completes

When your compute job finishes it is a good time to examin how it went and if there are changes that you should make before submitting your next job(s). In particular here are some suggestions.

Compare the resources you requested to the resources that you actually used

Compare the resource requirements in your job script versus what you actually used to see if you should adjust the resource requirements to bring them closer to what you actually need.

Look at your job and see if it can be split into multiple jobs that take less than 12 hours (and greater than 1 hour)

Becuase jobs which request a WALLTIME of less that 12 hours can run on any Katana node but jobs over 12 hours can only run on nodes purchased by your school or research group or the Faculty of Science splitting jobs up into chunks that are under 12 hours will mean that your job will run sooner and faster.

Did you run your job as a batch job?

If your job was an interactive job then you should look at running it as a batch job instead. Running jobs in batch mode allows you to submit jobs that don't require any further interaction and you can easily submit more than one job at a time.

Can you make your job into an array job?

If you want to run many instances of the same application with different input data each time then manually creating and managing large numbers of such jobs is tedious. Instead of doing this you can create an array job which greatly simplifies the process.

Do you have results that should be transferred to the LTRDS?

If you have results that should be transferred to the Long Term Research Data Store at UNSW (LTRDS) which is the primary research storage facility provided by UNSW then you can use KDM, the Katana Data Mover to copy files to the LTRDS.

Acknowledging Katana

If you are preparing a paper and looking for the right way to acknowledge Katana then we have written some information for you

Does your school or research group have spare funds to expand Katana?

Katana has continued to grow because schools and research groups have purchased blades for their use (see the list of Katana nodes and who purchased them). If your school or research group has funds that could be used to expand Katana then the expanding Katana page has information for you.

Would you like some help or advice with your jobs?

If there is something that you don't understand or would like help with relating to your job you should email the IT Service Centre (