Matlab Versions Available via the Module Command

The following Matlab versions has been installed on Katana and are available via the module command. Lists of other types of software can be seen using the menu on the left. For a complete list of module software visit the software modules page.

Software Name Version
MATLAB 2007b MATLAB 2007b
MATLAB 2008b MATLAB 2008b
MATLAB 2009b MATLAB 2009b
MATLAB 2010b MATLAB 2010b
MATLAB 2011a MATLAB 2011a
MATLAB 2011b MATLAB 2011b
MATLAB 2012a MATLAB 2012a
MATLAB 2012b MATLAB 2012b
MATLAB 2013a MATLAB 2013a
MATLAB 2013b MATLAB 2013b
MATLAB 2014a MATLAB 2014a
MATLAB 2014b MATLAB 2014b
MATLAB 2015a MATLAB 2015a
MATLAB 2015b MATLAB 2015b
MATLAB 2016a MATLAB 2016a
MATLAB 2016b MATLAB 2016b
MATLAB 2017b MATLAB 2017b
MATLAB 2017b MATLAB 2017b
MCR 2014b MCR 2014b